Are you passionate about something?

Do you squee in delight over technology?

Do you consider Computer Science to be the only true science? 

Do you practically faint when new varient covers of your favorite comic books are released?

Do you salivate over each new regeneration of Doctor Who?

Do you whole-heartedly debate the excellence of one Star Wars trilogy over the other?

Do you have strong opinions on which Star Trek series is the BEST Star Trek series and happily explain those opinions to others?

Do you know what the terms "cosplay," "Browncoat," and "Toaster" refer to?

Do you get tired of people assuming that being geeky is still a "boy's club?"

Do you want to hang out with a group of women who are just as passionate about those things as you are?

Would you proudly and openly call yourself a geek?

If you answered yes to any or all of these questions, Spokane Geek Girls may just be the group for you. We have tech geeks, fan geeks, music geeks, craft geeks, gaming geeks, fantasy geeks, and more. We have women in programming, women in graphic design, women in biochemistry, women in education, women in television, and women in writing. Women who are all passionate and geeky and happy to hang out and share their geekiness with others.

So take a few minutes to check out the Spokane Geek Girls online. Get to know some of the members on this website or through the Facebook page. Then find out when the next meeting is (usually held on the third Wednesday of each month at The Onion downtown) and come hang out. Once you've attended a meeting you can become a member of the site, post announcements, and add events of interest to the calender.


All geeky women are welcome here and encouraged to proudly let their geek flags fly!


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